The Space between Breaths


lullabies to wake us


Lorka Scher, of titlewillcome, is a Russian-American, dream-folk songwriter and harpist. Her music weaves syncopated language with emotive imagery and raw, ethereal vocals. The haunting and intimate melodies work with themes of ancestral loss, inherited memory, restless seeking, and the process of rebirth.

She dedicates her music to the collective work of coming back to life. It is depth of feeling that inspires responsiveness to our world. It is through the tension of our times that collective change is possible. Through these tensions and losses, we come to examine inherited beliefs, to know our socialized conditions, and to hear the call to create something new. There is a rhythm in our growth. We come undone, so that we can restructure.

Music offers refuge, expression and courage in uncertain times. We live at the edge of an ending. If humanity is to remember the sacredness of life, music will be part of that remembering.

Lorka performs solo with occasional accompaniment on violin, cello, viola and vocals. She has been based in Cambridge, MA, various parts of California, and the Pacific Northwest.

Vocals Guitar Harp Songwriting / Lorka Scher

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New upcoming ALbuM….

Been working on a new album. Check out the video below and stay tuned.


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News & Updates


Sneak Peek: New Single “Peacekeeping” out in early 2019.

Album Review for “The Space Between Breaths” from Music Won’t Save You (Italy) Click for English Translation

Interview and Live Performance with Amy McAskill of Matrix Medicinals Podcast, coming soon.

New Track “What Surfaces” from upcoming Album “Medicine” .


weightless (EP)

by titlewillcome

Available for purchase at https://titlewillcome.bandcamp.com


The Space Between Breaths

by titlewillcome

Available for purchase at https://titlewillcome.bandcamp.com



Lorka is currently working in studio. Check back for tour dates in March 2019.

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